Nokia presents the latest Lumia 1020

I had been in section 209 for about two hours when Justin Timberlake started the first verse of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” The crowd roared, and then when Jay Z walked down the stairs rapping “Empire State of Mind,” the crowd went bonkers. It felt like every person in the stadium screamed, then thrust their hands into their pockets to grab their phone. I have to send this to somebody!

I was way ahead of the game. I’m already slightly obsessive about taking pictures at concerts, but that night I had a real advantage: I was holding the Lumia 1020, Nokia’s new 41-megapixel cameraphone. It’s an LTE-enabled, high-definition Windows Phone 8 device available on AT&T for $299 on contract, but it’s mostly a camera. An insanely high-res camera created to vanquish all smartphones and point-and-shoots in its path.

The last time Nokia made an incredible cameraphone, it neglected the phone. 2011’s 808 PureView, had a 41-megapixel camera, but strapped it to a Symbian Belle-powered cellphone that would’ve barely been great in 2009. This time it’s different: from the first moment I picked up the Lumia 1020, swiped through the Windows Phone 8 interface and booted up the camera, it felt like the future.

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